Promoting Literacy, Collaboration and Confidence through Film Making

Club Crow House is a filmmaking programme run by filmmakers and educators. We use filmmaking as a tool to engage students in literacy whilst promoting collaboration and boosting confidence.

Our programs incorporate key components of the Scottish Curriculum into a fun and engaging hands-on course, learning the basics of storytelling through digital media.

Our Aims

We dedicate ourselves to the following outcomes

Develop Literacy Skills

We aim to develop literacy skills through filmmaking as well as increasing engagement and participation in literacy

Health and Wellbeing

To build individual’s self esteem, promote cooperation and collaboration. We introduce constructive self-assessment and peer-assessment


To develop students’ understanding of key features of a text (fictional narrative, instructional or documentary). We engage with students by using their own favourite stories, deconstructing their narrative structures to basic recipes that can be replicated. 


To assist and enable students to create their own texts that they are proud of then showcase the students’ work to the wider world. 

How does it work?

In small groups children learn how to plan, storyboard, write and shoot a short film script; covering topics such as structure, character, storyboarding, theme and genre.

Students get hands on experience using professional industry equipment; learning about composition, lighting, and camera operation.

In production teams students create their film with each session having a balance of development, analysis, and practical activities.

All culminating in the production of the students’ short film.

Student Showcase

Enjoy some of the amazing content created by our students

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